New film project: Touching in Texas

My latest video project is a film collaboration between myself, writer Dustin Michael Hoffman, director Chris O’Neill, and cinematographer Jeff Williams. I worked with Dustin on Silence in Forty-Two and I have known Chris as the artistic director of Shakespeare Carolina for many years. Jeff is a local cinematographer who runs an advertising business called Brand Spells. I met Jeff at a meeting of the Interdisciplinary Arts Committee meeting at Winthrop University. We wanted to work on an interdisciplinary project and decided that few undertakings are more interdisciplinary and collaborative than film making. All we needed was a story to tell. That is when Dustin joined the group. Dustin is an assistant professor of English at Winthrop where he teaches creative writing. After reading several of Dustin’s stories we settled on Touching In Texas, a short story about a soldier assigned to a base in Texas who drives to the Texas desert to get rid of an unflattering pair of military issued glasses and has an interesting chance encounter with a local woman.

We began shooting today on site at 40 Acre Rock near Kershaw SC (the closest thing we could find to a Texas-ish landscape in SC). It went well and I was impressed with the team. Well done crew! I will be functioning as sound designer, sound supervisor, and film score composer. As weird as it is to hear, I am also Executive Producer!

Stay posted for updates.

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