upcoming performances

My interactive computer music composition Afterimage 3 will be featured at the 2016 Electroacoustic Barn Dance on Friday, November 11. in Fredericksburg VA. The performer is Tony Steve, percussionist from Jacksonville University. Tony and I presented Afterimage 3 at Jacksonville University last fall and I am thrilled to be working with him again. His performance of Afterimage 3 was among the most musical I have had of the piece. Additionally, Tomoko Deguchi will be performing Afterimage 4 for piano and interactive computer music processing at Virginia Tech on December 5. Afterimage 4 was written for Tomoko in 2001 and was premiered at the Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival the same year.. This performance will feature a completely revised version of the computer processing and will be the final definitive version of the piece. Special thanks to Charles Nichols for making this performance possible.

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