Getting Down to Business 2nd Movement nearing completion

The second movement of my string quartet Getting Down to Business, is near completion. The second movement is titled Diminishing Returns and is based on the law of diminishing returns. Simply put, the law of diminishing returns refers to a point at which the profits or benefits gained is less than the amount of energy (or in this case, sound events) invested. For example, a single line of music benefits significantly from the addition of a well conceived contrapuntal line that helps to more clearly define harmonic progression and rhythmic energy. A third line adds less, and so on. Diminishing Returns explores this concept by expanding a singularity to the point that adding more sound events yields no noticeable change to the energy and texture of the music. Getting Down to Business is written for the Beo String Quartet who will premier it at the 2018 Charlotte New Music Festival. Check back often for updates and dates for the premiere. A score for Diminishing Returns will be posted soon.

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