Film Project underway

I have become involved in a group of artists who are producing and independent short film. I will be composing all original music, supervising the audio at the shoot, handling all audio post production, and sound design. I am also serving as the executive producer. The short is an adaptation of Dustin Michael Hoffman’s short story Touching in Texas. Dustin has adapted the script with help from the Director, Chris O’Neill. We have secured the shoot site (40 Acre Rock in South Carolina), and held acting auditions. We plan to shoot in early April and move into post production right away.

Those of you who follow my blog will remember Dustin. He is the writer I collaborated with on Silence in Forty Two. Although I have worked on several video projects, this will be my first short narrative film. This is a pilot project and, if successful, we plan to adapt more of Dustin’s stories.

Once complete we will be submitting Touching in Texas to a variety of film festivals. Look for future blogs as the project progresses.

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