/// Elements completed and going to rehearsals!

My most recent composition titled /// Elements is now complete and rehearsals will begin shortly. /// Elements was commissioned by the Blue Ridge Chamber Players who will premier it at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC on February 3 featuring Amy Orsinger Whitehead – flute, Nick Lampo – cello, and Tomoko Deguchi – piano. . /// Elements, for flute, cello, and piano was inspired by, and based on works from the North Carolina Museum of Art permanent collection. During the premiere a video featuring each work will run concurrent with the segment of the music based on that work of art. I consider the music to be a translation or interpretation of the art works. The relationship between the art works and my music varies greatly according to my reaction to the art work itself. Some are literal, such as Kenneth Noland’s Greek Vision in which the music parallels the sparse lines and color fields of the painting. Others show more tentative connection to the art such as Robert Motherwell’s Window over Madrid which features a dreamed, or almost-remembered street music of Spain that I experienced on an extended trip through southern Spain a few years ago. The memory of the experience floats through Motherwell’s window lending little direct reference to the painting itself. The works I selected for treatment in /// Elements are listed below. I encourage you to visit the NCMA in person if possible. Otherwise, a visit to their web site is certainly worthwhile (follow the link below). If you are in the Raleigh area I hope you will consider attending the premiere.

Works included in /// Elements

Thomas  Sayre – Gyre

Lee Mullican – Signals

Morris Louis – Pi

Robert Motherwell – Window over Madrid

Kenneth Noland – Greek Vision

Tom Phillips – The Calligrapher Replies I

George Bireline – Matisse Window

Ronald Bladen – Three Elements

Visit the NCMA

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