Afterimage 4 Cubed

The latest performance of my composition for piano and live computer processing, Afterimage 4, took place at Virginia Tech On December 5, 2016. The concert also featured guest composer Carla Scaletti and Virginia Tech faculty composers Eric Lyon (and Ivica Ico Bukvic as conductor of the Linux Laptop Orchestra). Virginia Tech student works were also featured. The event was part of the School of Performing Arts and Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology and the Digital Interactive Sound & Inter Media Studio concert series.

Tomoko Deguchi performed the piano part for Afterimage 4. It was a premiere of sorts. While the piano part was written in 2001 when I was living in Oswego, NY, I was never happy with the computer portion of the piece. After a premiere at the Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival in Gainesville, FL, I withdrew the work until I had the opportunity to complete the computer processing to my satisfaction. When Charles Nichols invited me to present one of my interactive computer music works I decided the time was finally right to complete Afterimage 4. Much had changed about technology, software, and my experience in the intervening fifteen years and I believe that the piece is a better composition than it was in 2001.

The performance went very well. Tomoko played wonderfully and the multi-channel sound system in “The Cube” was fantastic. The Cube is a space within the Moss Center for the Arts dedicated to multi-media digital arts performances. It is an amazing facility that has over 100 speakers in the space, motion detectors, and 360 projection capabilities. I fell fortunate to have my music presented in this state of the art facility.

I have posted the score for Afterimage on my Scores page. Look for a studio recording on my Audio page soon.

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