Afterimage 2 posted

I have posted the score and recording for Afterimage 2 to my scores and audio page. Afterimage 2 has a long and winding history. I started the Afterimage series when I was a Ph.D. student at the University at Buffalo. At that time I was very interested in the relatively new idea of creating pieces that allowed interaction between real-time computer music and live audio input. Afterimage 2 was the second in a series of works that explore the many ways that players can interact with computer-based creation or modification of sound. All of the computer-generated sound in Afterimage 2 is the result of real-time processing of audio captured from the cello input. This is one way of approaching the relationship between music/sound and computers. There are many more approaches, hence the Afterimage _series_ which is now at Afterimage 8 and will likely continue to grow. Afterimage 2 has gone through a series of revisions, resulting in the final (really!) version posted here. It took some time to work through the possible combinations of extended techniques (cello) and processing. At some point I realized that the possibilities are endless, infinite, and ever changing. So, I decided that the JW Turner version of Afterimage 2 would be the last and definitive. Enjoy.

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