Ronald Keith Parks, Ph.D.


2004-05 Aaron Copland Award Winner

As a composer, I have written music for a wide variety of resources including orchestra, chamber ensembles, voice, electroacoustic music, and hybrid acoustic/electroacoustic computer music. To learn more about my career and background visit my About page or peruse my CV . To hear recordings of my music follow the Audio link.


Please feel free to distribute my scores to anyone you know who might be interested in performing my music.

Scores for most of my compositions are available for immediate download, free of charge via the Scores page. Parts for ensemble works are available on request. See the Scores page for details.

To program one of my electroacoustic compositions or hybrid acoustic/electroacoustic works please contact me to obtain sound files, software, scores and parts.

If you choose to perform one of my works, thank you! All I ask is that you contact me and send me a copy of the program for my records.

My goal is to share my music with people who share my passion and love for the art of music. Follow my blog and I look forward to hearing from you!